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Flooring Installation

When it comes to flooring options in the city of Rio Rancho, Trussell’s Transformations can help you achieve the perfect look for your space. Whether you’re replacing old flooring in one room or selecting new flooring for an entire house, our experienced team can assist in updating your home with a range of options from hard wood and vinyl plank to laminate, tile, and carpet. Our professional installation process is efficient, minimizing disruption to your home while ensuring a quick transformation that will leave your space looking its best in no time.

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Install the flooring yourself or leave it all to us!

Hard Surface Flooring

In Rio Rancho, when it’s time to pick the perfect flooring for your home, hardwood is a top-notch choice. It not only brings elegance and warmth to any room but also offers durability and lasting beauty. Our Rio Rancho team has extensive experience in hardwood floor installation, using the latest techniques to ensure a flawless result. Committed to providing you with classic wood flooring options that enhance your home’s charm and value, we also offer installation services for vinyl plank, laminate, and tile flooring options.

There are many different types of hardwood flooring to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Some popular options include oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. These woods come in a variety of finishes such as natural, stained, or distressed to suit your personal style and home decor.

When considering hardwood flooring for your home, it’s important to also think about the level of maintenance required. While hardwood floors are extremely durable and can last for decades, they do require some upkeep to maintain their beauty. Regular cleaning and occasional refinishing may be necessary depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home.

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While hardwood floors are popular, carpet is super cozy, especially in bedrooms. At Trussell’s Transformations, we offer a wide selection of soft, durable, and pet-friendly carpets in stylish colors. Carpet is great at reducing noise, making it perfect for hallways and living rooms. Its plush fibers absorb sound, creating a peaceful space to relax.

Carpet isn’t just practical; it also adds personality and warmth to any room with its variety of colors, patterns, and textures. It’s ideal for families with kids or pets due to its comfort and durability.

When choosing carpet, consider your lifestyle. Nylon carpets are durable and stain-resistant, great for busy households. Wool carpets are natural and hypoallergenic, perfect for allergy sufferers.

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We carry carpet and locking vinyl plank from Marquis Flooring


What Our Customers Are Saying

Quality Work

I recently had Trussells do a complete kitchen remodel and install new flooring. From beginning to end the office and the installers were attentive, professional and most importantly produced quality work. The entire crew works for Trussels with the exception of the electrician. The 2 Charlie’s, David and the plumber whose name I forgot were great. I had a small problem with a cabinet door after the install and they came right out and repaired it and there was no cost. Danny and Christy own the business and Martha runs the office. I enjoyed working with them. You can’t go wrong with this team.

I highly recommend Trussells and I can’t wait for them to do my bathrooms next year.



Fun to work with

Trussell’s was always responsive to our inquiries and questions. The work was performed professionally, on time, and with a great result. Charley and the crew were all very friendly and fun to work with. Highly recommended.

Scott N.

Flooring Installation